Brand Masters is a wholly Zimbabwean Company with senior marketing executives with over 13 years of brand building (brand strategy), intergrated marketing communications, business development, contact centre set-up, CRM, telecom consultancy , creative advertising and design etc. Brand Masters carried out marketing consultancy in South Sudan, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Full service Advertising, Media, Design and Brand strategy.

The Brand Masters is a young, Energetic team with a passion for building dynamic, vibrant brands, with the ultimate goal of bringing a good return on investment to the client. As a full brand, we provide turn - key solutions for all our clients, delivering innovative solutions to every brief.

Brand Masters is borne of a need to improve the delivery of creative advertising and design in the Zimbabwean market and beyond. Having to understand each and every business of our clients makes us part and as a bridge between our customers and the market.